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Beauty of Experience

True Love Lasts - a mending practise

Hoi Bo began with the intention to create pieces that were beautiful, useful, and lasting. 

I always imagined how they would look when they were well worn, and well loved. How you used them, and lived with them, was an important part of the design process. Each piece was a reflection of you. 

Our clothing and accessories are designed to be repairable; we make them with durable fabrics, and a lasting quality. I want you to live your every day, and simply be, in cloth that moves and wears with you, that softens and ages with use and the passing of time, that is made with respect for people and the planet. 

True Love Lasts, our monthly community practise, offers a hub for fellow textile artists, design lovers, and the sustainably focused. We gather to share and restore what we love to wear and use.

Mending matters - the beauty of a visible repair

You live in the pieces you love. Visible mending is about embracing the wear and tear that naturally happens with well loved clothing. It’s a visual diary of the moments lived and retold in stitches. These restorations, done by hand, tell your unique and personal stories. 

Visible mending extends the lifespan of your clothing; wearing more, washing less, and keeping pieces in your closet longer, are some of the most sustainable practises to adopt when it comes to clothing care.

Why a mending Club?

True Love Lasts is about creating an intimate space for our community to explore, learn, and share, ways of loving and caring for the pieces you have. Whether the art of mending was passed down to you or you’ve never used a needle and thread—this is an open space for learning and everyone is welcome.

We’ve been inspired by the old and the new—everything from beautiful antique Sashiko work and Boro Cloth to contemporary artists like Celia Pym and Rachel Meade Smith.  Check out our pinterest page to get some ideas for mending your piece!

Beautiful, strong, natural fabrics are our passion. We’ll have some offcuts from our studio in linen and cotton for you to restore your favourite piece.  If you have offcuts of your own you would like to share, feel free to bring them!

What to bring…

Start simple! A needle and thread, a pair of scissors or snips is all you need.  Get a feel for the craft before you build your toolbox. I’ve included a few specialty sewing items on the list below that people in the community like to work with. Me—personally... I only use a needle and thread. 

One thing you may want to consider, in addition to a needle and thread, is a tailors pencil. If you’re wanting to create a pattern with your stitches, it’s helpful to draw a guide to keep your stitches in check! 

If you’re brand new to mending youtube can be an amazing resource to pick up the basics.

Tailors pencil 
My favourite thimble...
Darning Egg

Embroidery Hoop

Let me know what you’ll be bringing to work on!  I can’t wait to see!


The first Saturday of every month from noon - 3pm
Kicking off Saturday, March 7th

Hoibo, 2nd floor
15 Trinity Street
Historic Distillery District


Don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions.

e: hello@hoibo.com
Tel: (647) 852-5488

To wear, to use, for days, for years.