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Linen Care

Linen, with its inherent beauty and earth-friendly qualities, stands as a testament to nature's elegance and resilience. As nature-lovers at heart, we cherish the authentic essence of linen – embracing its charming wrinkles and all.

While linen boasts remarkable strength, ensuring its longevity requires proper care and attention. To help your linen garments retain their allure and endure the test of time, we've crafted this simple guide to caring for them with ease and grace.

If you find a stain on your linen garment, act promptly with a stain solution suitable for linen. This quick action not only pre-treats the stain but also streamlines the laundry process. Be cautious of stain solutions containing bleach, especially for colored linen garments. Bleach can fade the fabric's color and damage its fibers, leading to unwanted light spots and compromising the garment's integrity over time.

While wool naturally repels bacteria and odors, linen lacks these properties, requiring more frequent washing. To preserve the longevity and luster of linen garments, we recommend a gentle laundering approach.

For machine washing, use a cold water setting of 30°C or lower, or consider hand washing for spot treatments. This conserves energy and minimizes stress on fabric fibers, preserving their integrity. To maintain linen's sheen, avoid high temperatures.

When washing colored garments, turn them inside out to protect the fabric's outer surface, preserving vibrancy and reducing wear. Use a low cycle to wash linen items, minimizing shrinkage and wrinkles. Following these practices prolongs the lifespan of your linen garments while maintaining their appearance.

After washing, shake your linen garment to remove creases, then lightly pull on sleeves, plackets, and side seams to smooth out wrinkles. For drying, lay your garment flat to minimize creases; avoid tumble drying to prevent shrinkage. Instead, air-dry in a shaded area. Note that our linens are pre-washed to prevent shrinkage if care instructions are followed, but this may not apply to all linen garments; adhere to specific care instructions to maintain integrity and fit over time.

Due to their low elasticity, linen garments wrinkle easily, lending a casual charm; however, formal linen attire may require frequent ironing or steaming for a crisp look. If ironing, lightly spray with water beforehand to ease the process, but avoid repeated ironing in the same spot to prevent fiber breakage. Linen's natural wrinkles are celebrated for their effortless elegance, adding timeless beauty to any outfit. Whether embracing or smoothing wrinkles, linen exudes enduring style.

Store linen garments by hanging them in your wardrobe, preferably on wide wooden hangers to reduce stress on fabric and stitching, preventing permanent creases. This simple method preserves garment integrity.