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How to Get Your Pieces Back in Play

Can I trade in any type of Hoi Bo pieces?

We are currently accepting Hoi Bo pieces made from woven fabrics, heavy weight, boiled wool knits, and our technical Italian Jersey. No T-shirts, tank tops, or dresses made from light-weight knits. If in doubt — reach out, we’re here to help!

Where can I trade in my gently used Hoi Bo pieces?

Trade-ins can be mailed directly to our studio or dropped off at Hoi bo retail locations.

Hoi Bo_studio
11 Progress Ave. Unit 4
Scarborough, Ontario
M1P 4S7

What condition do my items need to be in to be accepted for life/     /life?

We want your gently used pieces. Please inspect your garments for damage (checklist below), remove anything in pockets, and launder your pieces before sending them in. This makes it easier for our team to process your trade-in and get your pieces back in play as quickly as possible! Items we can’t accept are recycled with our responsible recycling partners, so please note they won’t get sent back to you—but you can request to pick them up at our retail location.

We are unable to accept items in the following conditions:

Damaged: Items with heavy or excessive visible issues are ineligible. Examples include but are not limited to:

  • Holes, broken zippers, missing buttons.
  • If an item shows discoloration, or the color of the garment is sun faded it may  not be eligible. 
  • Items with stains
  • Items altered for a custom fit.
  • Items with a heavy scent
  • Pet hair: please remove their hair/fur prior to sending in your garments.

Note: Items must have both the Hoi Bo label and size/care tag with product
         details to be accepted.

         Items must be laundered in order to be eligible. 

Will I get a store credit for everything I send in?

Your exact store credit will be determined after we receive and inspect each item.

What will I recieve in credit for my pieces if they’re accepted for life/     /life?

$5 - $10 - Motion Collection, tops and bottoms
$10 - $30 - Woven tops
$20 - $30 - Woven bottoms
$20 - $30 - Woven dresses
$20 - $40 - Boiled wool tops, and bottoms
$20 - $50 - Outerwear 
$20 - $30 - Exhale Supernova Collection
$5 - $30 - Bags

Note: please reach out if you have a leather pieces you would like to submit.