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Hoi Bo is wearable, natural beauty. Pure and simple. Soft and strong. We make everything ourselves. But it belongs to you – to wear, to use, for days, for years. 

Launched in 2007, Hoi Bo was born from a desire to create a truly sustainable brand that would offer a unique balance of beauty, design, craft and functionality. As we released our first pieces, we knew that we wanted to create a space where people could experience Hoi Bo in its entirety – see the quality of our hand-stitching, touch the cloth, smell the leather – and to have an enveloping visceral response to our approach. We opened our first mixed-use studio/retail space in Toronto’s Distillery District in 2011, and the Hoi Bo community took form.  

Since then, our work and ethos continues to be embraced. Inspired by the strength and structure of workwear, our clothing and accessories are made in clearly defined shapes, out of strong natural fabrics for you to live in – every detail considered, all handmade by us in-house. The freedom to live your life every day, and simply be, in cloth that moves and wears with you, that softens and ages with use and the passing of time, that is made with respect for the planet...this is Hoi Bo. 

In 2023, we’ll open the Hoi Bo Flagship Store and Community Space in Toronto’s West End, where we’ll continue to grow and evolve our collection and practices, constantly setting new design and sustainability goals. Because we believe in creating and nurturing community, our space will offer a hub for fellow textile and design lovers, sustainability nerds, and those who wish to find pieces of the highest craft that will continue to serve them for years and years to come.