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Wool Care Guide


Wool is a beautiful, natural material that is both durable and versatile. It's a great choice for everything from winter coats and sweaters to socks and hats. However, like any natural material, wool does require a bit of extra care to keep it looking its best. Here are some tips for caring for your wool garments.

•Wash your wool less frequently by using a steamer in-between washing. Wool has natural anti-microbial properties and doesn't build up an odor.

•When washing wool, use cold water and a mild detergent specifically designed for wool. Avoid using hot water, as this can cause the wool fibers to shrink and become damaged.

•Don't use too much detergent, as this can leave residue on the wool and cause it to feel stiff. Instead, use just enough to create a lather and gently scrub the wool with your hands.

•After washing, gently squeeze the excess water out of the wool and avoid wringing or twisting it, as this can damage the fibers. Instead, lay the wool flat on a towel and roll it up to remove any excess moisture.

•When drying wool, avoid direct heat or sunlight, as this can cause the wool to fade or shrink. Instead, lay the wool flat on a towel or drying rack and allow it to air dry naturally.

•To remove stains from wool, blot the stain with a clean, damp cloth and avoid rubbing or scrubbing the stain, as this can cause the wool fibers to break. If the stain persists, you can try using a wool-safe stain remover.

•To store wool, fold it loosely and avoid hanging it, as this can cause the wool to stretch or become misshapen. Instead, store your wool garments in a cool, dry place, such as a drawer or closet, and avoid exposing them to direct sunlight or heat.