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True Love Lasts

True Love Lasts

True Love Lasts — A mending practise. 

Stories of you told in stitches. 

Join us on the first Saturday of every month for True Love Lasts — a mending practise. Restore the pieces you love over coffee and good conversation; come share, learn, and explore new methods of mending and care to extend the lifetime of your pieces. All are welcome!

A Brief History

Sashiko is the art of mending; a functional embroidery technique used to beautifully restore the pieces you love.  Sashiko means “little stabs”, a reflection of the running stitches that makes up sashikos geometric patterns; often described as “functional embroidery”, it is a balance between an appreciation of beauty and a practical technique.


The Japanese word Mottainai has a two part meaning: do not waste, and be thankful.  In traditional Japanese culture nothing was wasted — byproducts created from the process of making one item was repurposed and used in the creation of another — never wasting what is valuable. Mottainai is a philosophy we live by in our studio practise.  For True Love Lasts we have been collecting the fabric offcuts from our studio, for you to use, to restore your favourite pieces. 
At Hoi bo our collection is cut from strong natural materials and sewn with a lasting quality — pieces for you to live in — live freely and simply, in clothing that moves and evolves with you.


Bringing together our community to restore the pieces we love, so we can keep them in our lives for longer — a natural expression of our values.  
For our own mending projects on the go we have been drawing inspiration from Sashiko, Boro Cloth, Celia Pym, Rachel Meade Smith, Latre Art & Style and many more.




A casual environment where all skill levels are welcome; come and explore how to extend the life of your garments in a warm, judgment free, communal setting. No need to sign up, drop in and out as you please. 

Bring your favourite well worn piece of clothing to work on and whatever tools you’ll need: needles, thimble, embroidery floss, snips.  We’ll share offcuts from our studio: fine linen, cotton, and wool for you to use. 

This is a self guided practice in a community setting so if you are a beginner we recommend checking out these videos beforehand to get familiar. 


We’re working on putting together a guide on where to pick up essential tools that we’ll share with you soon!


The first Saturday of every month from noon - 3pm
Kicking off Saturday, March 7th

Hoibo, 2nd floor
15 Trinity Street
Historic Distillery District

Don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions.
e: hello@hoibo.com
Tel: (647) 852-5488


What we wear can be a reflection of the values we carry. For us, visible mending is about embracing the wear and tear that naturally happens with well loved clothing and seeing it as a reflection of a life lived with beauty and appreciation. The time spent restoring your favourite piece is your story told in stitches. 

To wear, to use, for days, for years.