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Silk Cocoon Puff Care


Silk is a luxurious natural fabric that has been coveted for centuries and has a rich history that dates back to ancient China. Known for its natural sheen and smooth texture, silk is a strong and durable material, which makes it perfect for clothing that will be worn often. This is a guide of how to care for your Silk Cocoon Puff, helping you make it look better and last longer.


If you get a stain on your garment, treat the stain straight away with a stain solution suitable for silk. By doing so the stain will already be pre-cleaned, which makes doing the laundry more efficient. Make sure to avoid stain solutions with bleach, since bleach can remove the colour out of the fabric and leave an unwanted light or orange spot. Bleach can also damage the fabric fibers.


Hand wash your garment in cold water with a non-biological detergent or one that's meant for washing wool. Wool and silk are both protein fibers, a detergent designed for wool also works well for silk. When washing, gently agitate the silk in the soapy water and avoid heavily rubbing the fabric. Let your silk garment soak for 5 minutes, then gently squeeze the water out. Do not wring the silk, as this can cause damage to the insulation. 


After washing, lay your silk garment on a flat towel, roll it up to remove excess water, then lay it flat on a dry towel. Hand smooth and leave it to dry naturally. Avoid ironing or steaming silk as it can damage the insulation.


Avoid ironing or steaming as it can damage the insulation. Silk is not prone to wrinkling, simply smooth the fabric after washing. 


The storage of your Silk Cocoon Puff is very simple. It is best to store it hanging in your wardrobe, preferably on wide wooden hangers. This helps to minimize stress on the fabric, unlike wire hangers. As an alternative, you can also gently fold and place it in your dresser, being mindful to place it on top of your other pieces to prevent crushing.