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Life/ /Life

Life/        /Life

Life/        /Life is our community space, to share, and keep in use, every piece we make; it’s a part of our sustainable practise that we’ve been cultivating over the years at Hoi bo. We design pieces that are made to last. Through our Life/        /Life program we aim to get those idle pieces out of your closet and back into use. 


In 2015, 53 million tonnes of fibre was used for clothing production—73% of that was sent to landfill or incinerated. By bringing us your gently used Hoi Bo pieces that have drifted out of regular use, we will restore and resell these pieces to get them back into play. Made to last, our aim is to get our pieces into daily use and keep them out of landfills. 


Worldwide, between 2000-2015, the average number of times a garment was worn before it is no longer used decreased by 36%. It is estimated that fast fashion garments are worn 7-10 times before being discarded. Increasing the amount of times we wear our clothing is one of the most direct ways we can positively impact waste and pollution in the textile industry. 


Clothing, for many of us, represents an important expression of our individuality and the things we believe in.  We love what we do and want to continue to create pieces that are made with care, made to last, and tell your story. 

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