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Made to last.

Made to last.

Cultivating a sustainable way of being and creating. Through lasting design, strong fabrics, and quality craftsmanship, this is the heart of Hoi bo. We make pieces that you reach for daily, that wear-well, and last.


A Lasting Material
Kangaroo leather is the strongest and lightest natural leather available; it is 10x stronger than cowhide and 50% stronger than goatskin; its unique fibre structure makes it resilient against wear and tear.


Vegetable Tanned Leather
Our leather is vegetable tanned the old-fashion way, a process that has been around for centuries. Vegetable tanning skips the use of toxic heavy metals, acids, and salts, used to Chrome tan leather; 90% of all leather on the market is tanned this way. Chrome tanned leathers can be tanned in as little as 3 days compared to vegetable-tanned leather that can take several months, from start to finish. This slow, organic process takes natural materials like leaves, bark, twigs, and roots and soaks them with the hides to create a material that is long-lasting and beautiful; developing a rich patina with continued use — a reflection of you.


Our pieces are made for you to live in — a part of your daily rhythm. To wear, to use, for days, for years. 

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