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Make it last.

Make it last.

You live in the pieces you love. Visible mending is about embracing the wear and tear that naturally happens with well-loved clothing; A visual diary of your experiences retold in stitches. These restorations, done by hand, tell your unique and personal stories. Below you'll find links to videos we've made taking you through the mending of a loved pair of denim, step by step. 

Embroidery Tutorial 1
Straight Stitch + Back Stitch

Kick-off your at home mending practice with 4 simple stitches.  Straight stitch, Backstitch, Blanket stitch, and French Knots.

Embroidery Tutorial 2
Blanket Stitch and French Knots

TIP: Exploring ways to use what we have.  Don't have an embroidery hoop to work on your mending project?  No problem!  Grab a mason jar lid and elastic band and you're good to go!

Embroidery Tutorial 3
Couching Stitch

The Couching Stitch, simple and beautiful; perfect to reinforce material without making it too stiff. 

Linen Off Cuts
Need material for your mending practise? We've got complimentary off-cuts to get you started.

True Love Lasts, our monthly community practice, offers a hub for fellow textile artists, design lovers, and the sustainably focused. We gather to share and restore what we love to wear and use.

I hope these tutorials were helpful. We'll continue to update this blog with each new tutorial we launch, every Sunday at 10 am.

I'd love to see and share what you've been working on! Leave us a comment below!